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  Catering to a wide range of industrial applications, Crossfields Reverse Osmosis Systems is making rapid strides. Equipped with state-of-the-art design and quality components, it provides pure, tasty and hygienic drinking water for industries. At Crossfields, we understand the significance of designing efficient and durable Reverse Osmosis Systems. Which is why, we lay emphasis on the following points at the time of designing our systems :  
  Complete chemical & microbial analysis of raw water  
  Output water requirement  
  Selecting proper pre-treatment  
  Selecting proper anti-scalent  
  Selecting proper post treatment  
  We are equipped to make different capacities of Industrial Reverse Osmosis systems, ranging from 100LPH to 10000LPH as per requirement. Kindly send your requirement [per hour or per day] along with your water test report, so that we can send you a detailed specification and quotation for our Crossfields Industrial Reverse Osmosis System.
  Where can Crossfields Industrial Reverse Osmosis System be used?
  Educational Institutions Educational Institutions
  Hospitals Hospitals
  Factories Factories
  Raw Water storage tank 5 filter
  Raw water feed pump High pressure RO pump
  Multi grade filter Membrane with housing
  Activated carbon filter Ms. Powder coated frame (skid)
  Anti scalant dosing tank Ss interconnecting pipe line
  Anti scalant dosing pump Permeated water storage tank
  10 filter Rejected water
Note: The diagram shown is specimen diagram only. All parts are subject to change according to the water parameters and output requirement.
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