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UViolet (UF + UV) Twin Technology water dispensers can remove suspended solids, pesticides, color, bacteria, viruses, colloids, harmful chemicals, and carcinogens.
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  • Highly efficient tubular UV design
  • The UF filter pore sizes are less than 0.01 microns
  • LDR ensures proper UV levels are maintained in the UV chamber
  • Microprocessor with the help of sensors monitor the UV
  • Built-in timer to monitor the lifetime of the UV Lamp

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Unique Features in
our Water Purifiers

  • Superior water purification technology

  • Automatic reprocessor

  • Micro processor monitor UV pump and ozone generator ensuring proper disinfection

  • Dual stage pre filtration

  • Food grade materials

  • Intelligent LDR based sensor

  • Ultrafiltration Membrane

  • Ultra Clear Water

  • Quartz Sleeve - to maximize the purification efficiency

  • UV lamp life time monitor

  • Auto shut off initiated if any faults in the system during disinfection

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