Best Water Doctor

Best Water Doctor

Best Water Doctor

Product information

Best Water Doctor is India's first and only unique water purifier in built with Dispenser which uses Ozone produced by corona discharge to disinfect micro organisms. It uses batch process to mix ozone with water. The uniqueness of the product lies in creating a compact ozone generator and venturi system to achieve highest levels of Ozone efficiency in water thereby providing rich, pure and safe drinking water.

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Best Water Doctor

Unique Features in
our Water Purifiers

  • Superior water purification technology

  • Automatic reprocess preventing micro biological recontamination

  • Pump and Venturi method giving greater than 80% of ozone solubility

  • Micro processor monitor pump and ozone generator ensuring proper disinfection

  • Dual stage pre filtration

  • Food grade materials

  • Batch process ensures high level of ozone concentration in water killing all micro organisms

  • Auto shut off initiated if any faults in the system during disinfection

  • Air drier time monitor

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